The heat is on! Though technically it’s still spring, it sure feels like summer weather out there. What better way to cool off than to hop into your backyard pool? But, upon closer inspection, you might realize that your pool doesn’t look quite up-to-par these days. Could it be time for a little pool remodeling?

Some of the signs that you need to think about a remodel are as follows:

  • Lots of repairs. If you find that a different part of your pool breaks down just after you had another part fixed, you may have a problem. From low water levels to mechanical system failures, your pool might be costing you more in small repairs than it’s worth. Pool remodeling can save you money down the road. Plus, a new mechanical system might actually save you money on your energy bills.
  • Long-ago looks. You might look at your pool and feel like you stepped back in time. Though it might seem like just yesterday since you had the pool built, it was really much longer ago than that. If your pool looks dated and old, pool remodeling can work wonders to transform your pool into something new and beautiful. Artisan Pools & Spas can create a high-end look to make your pool serene and inviting.
  • Wear and tear. You might notice chips or cracks in the pool surface. This comes from years of cleaning and chemical use. Surfaces get broken down and look old, worn, and damaged. And a damaged surface can not only be be dangerous, leading to cuts and scrapes, but it can make you sick as dirt and bacteria love to hide in the grooves. As the bacteria leeches into the water, you’ll be swimming with more than just your family.

Don’t spend another summer with a mediocre pool. Renovate and create something new, energy efficient, and safe while the summer is still young. Let our professional staff show you just how amazing pool remodeling can be.