A pool is really an entire family affair. It can provide something for everyone in your family. Whether you have young kids or older kids, or just other family members that live with you, design your new pool with a little something for everyone.

Water Slide

Adding a water slide to your pool can add hours of entertainment. Not just the youngest guests love a fun water slide. Add lots of twists and turns for maximum enjoyment, or just keep it simple for everyone. Kids will love inviting their friends over for a turn on the slide, and you can throw a great backyard birthday party right in your own home. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood.

Hot Tub

A hot tub can provide hours of relaxing enjoyment for the older crowd. Kick back and relax in your own hot tub after a long day. The hot water and soothing jets have been known to do wonders on tired muscles. Hot tubs have more health benefits like helping to lower blood sugar and providing relief for joint pain. Enjoy the health benefits and the beauty of owning your own spa by adding one onto your pool design or renovation project.


Add a place for your guests to sit right inside your pool. A bench seat will give parents a place to hang out in the pool while watching the kids swim. It makes your pool safer for all the guests because a grown up can be close by without having to just be standing around in the pool doing nothing. Add some soothing jets to the the bench, and everyone will be fighting for a spot to watch the kids.


A swim up bar can be added to the pool for all your entertaining needs. Kids and adults alike can get drinks from your fabulous new bar without ever leaving the comfort of your pool. Relax in the water with a great beverage and your parties will take on a whole new level of entertainment.

There are so many different options to choose from that you can really have all the entertainment you want right in your own backyard. GIve us a call today and we can walk you through all the options we have available. We’ll be happy to get you a free estimate and get you started on the backyard oasis of your dreams. Don’t wait!