With the hot Texas summer weather, there is nothing like cooling off in your in ground pool. However, you shouldn’t settle for just any kind of swimming area for your backyard. Make your pool something to remember with a pool fire pit!

What Is A Pool Fire Pit?

For the most part, a pool fire pit is exactly what it sounds like. It is a fire pit that is built around your pool deck area or even into the middle of your pool. These are especially nice looking with a lagoon shaped pool or one with infinity edges. However, a pool fire pit can be built with almost any type of pool design you have in mind.

Campfire Fun Right In Your Backyard

One of the best and most fun parts of your pool fire pit is that it is just like sitting around a toasty campfire. After you and your friends have spent hours swimming around the pool, there is nothing like getting cozy next to a warm fire. Not to mention all the unique food activities the whole party can enjoy such as roasting marshmallows with the kids or throwing some kabobs over the grill. This both adds to the fun of the party and makes feeding everyone a whole lot easier.

Spice Up Your Pool Exercises And Games

While we can enjoy some laps in the pool or the usual pool games, a fire pit can really spice up the way you enjoy the pool. If your pool fire pit is inside the pool, you enjoy revolving around it rather than just doing the usual back and forth laps. It can also make for a great ‘home base’ for several of your pool games as well. Even if your fire pit is not directly inside the pool, an unlit and clean fire pit can make a great goal for your throws.

The Yin And Yang Aesthetic

Fire and water typically don’t mix. In fact, these two elements are often seen as complete opposites and it is no wonder why. Water has a calm and healing nature that can bring you peace after a long and stressful day. Fire however, is brash and passionate! It wakes you up and gives you a wonderful boost in energy and spirit you just can’t beat. By combining these two very different elements together, you can enjoy the best of both worlds while giving your yard an aesthetic balance that no one can deny.

Are you interested in adding a pool fire pit to your in ground pool? Don’t hesitate to call our swimming pool contractor to learn more about your swimming pool and spa options today!