If you have kids around, you have to think about water safety. Adding a pool in your backyard can bring hours of enjoyment, but there are also some safety features that you should consider. Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can keep everyone safe this summer.


The best way to keep unwanted visitors out is by adding fencing around your pool. There are tons of options for childproof latches on the fencing to be sure that little ones have to ask permission before heading out for a swim. Another great benefit of fencing is that it keeps our anyone else who may want to take an uninvited dip. Install a latch with a lock and ensure that you will not be slapped with a lawsuit when a neighbor’s kid decides to take a dip in your pool. Fencing can also keep out unwanted critters. We’ve seen the YouTube videos of the wildlife that gets stuck in a pool. Don’t let that happen to you.


There are several different types of alarms available. Some float on the top of the water, while others are installed at the side of the pool. They all work on the same basic idea; to alert you when someone enters the water. This can be really helpful to alert you if you are not in the immediate pool area. A loud noise will sound and you can be sure to rush over right away, avoiding a potential disaster.

Pool Covers

Pool covers are one of the biggest safety hazards every year. Inground pools can just look like flat decking and people may mistakenly get trapped in the cover. Solar covers and regular covers both carry this danger. Consider getting a safety cover that can alleviate this problem. They are designed to hold up some weight and keep whoever steps on them from falling right to the bottom.

Teaching your kids about respecting the pool is a great way to start. Adding a few safety features as your next line of defense can ensure that everyone stays safe all summer long. Consider signing your kids up for swimming lessons to be sure they have the skills they need to stay safe in any situation. This will also help you with any trips to the lake, beach, or friend’s house. Plus they can practice in their own pool at home. Artisan Pools can help you with all your safety needs this summer. Give us a call for a free estimate.