Nothing is more exciting than getting your own swimming pool. From the first time you sit down with your contractor to express your desires in pool design, to the filling of the finished pool that begs for a swimmer, excitement resonates through the air. Having your own pool means that you won’t need to swim at the local park anymore. Not only can you avoid being crowded by the people, it’s the little things that you won’t need to deal with anymore.

Say “So Long” To The Public

Now you won’t have to worry about all of the different dilemmas you can face when in a public pool. No one to bring in the crypto bug and no swimming in someone else’s body soil. Say goodbye to being packed in like sardines to try to stay cool in the San Antonio heat. So long to athlete’s foot and other questionable things in the locker rooms when you go in to change. Farewell to traveling in the hot car to get to a swimming destination that is more trouble than it’s worth. Say hello to the beauty of your own home oasis, your perfect place to relax. Hello to a place where you can gather together with the family and have fun. Hello to high quality design and custom features.

The First Steps

If you’re ready to take the plunge and enter the world of new pool construction, Artisan Pool & Spa is ready to take on your dream. Just because the summer is moving along faster than Tony Parker can take it down the court, new pool construction is still happening all over San Antonio.

Before the first shovel full of dirt comes out, it is important that you talk with your pool contractor to determine just what you are looking for in a pool design. The first step in the building process is to design something that is functional and fun, while redesigning your entire landscape to create something special. In ground pools can be designed in an array of shapes and patterns, from a fancy figure-8 to a regular rectangle. Plus, you can add a slide, a waterfall, or anything else that can provide a pleasing experience.

Have fun this summer (and into the fall) with less stress, less worry, and a whole lot of beauty.