New Pool Construction San Antonio

New Pool Construction San Antonio

West of Houston, south of Dallas, and east of El Paso is San Antonio, the beating heart of Texas and a thriving metropolis with well over 2 million inhabitants. San Antonio is the home of the Alamo, the symbol of Texan independence, and its warm climate and green surroundings make it obvious why so many nations have fought for the right to own this land.

San Antonio’s climate makes it a prime area for backyard pools, and the people who live in the city’s thriving neighborhoods are frequently making new additions and changes to their homes. Between these two factors, you can always count on seeing new pool construction in San Antonio, and we at Artisan Pool and Spa are proud to be one of the best pool builders and backyard remodelers in the neighborhood.

Customized Pools For Customized Families

If you think a backyard pool can only come in one or two basic shapes, then you’ve got it wrong. There are a few limitations when it comes to pool design, but these have to do with the size and shape of your backyard, along with the pipes, wires, and roots buried beneath the soil. Beyond that, the only true limit is your imagination.

If you live in a household with no young children, why not build a pool whose shallow end starts at three and a half feet, or leave out the shallow end entirely? Or, if your family does have youngsters and you don’t plan on using your pool for diving lessons, you could put in a pool that has no deep end so your kids will be that much safer.

If you intend to use your pool for exercise or swimming practice but you can’t give it much real estate, you can add jets to one side to make it an endless pool, or you could plan out a long pool that’s only one lane wide. However, if you prefer using your pool to relax, you can add a spa, a shallow area where you can relax, or a waterfall, which is one of Artisan’s specialties. The sky’s the limit on new pool construction in San Antonio.

Customized Designs For Customized Pools

When it comes to new pool construction in San Antonio, the shape is just the tip of the iceberg. You can also personalize the surface quality and the technology that keeps your pool running smooth.

There’s a lot more to pool surfaces than basic white or light-blue plaster. Aggregate is a tougher surface with an interesting texture and a special way of shimmering. Fiberglass can flex along with the ground, giving it a surprising durability. Tile is expensive, but it gives your pool a professional feel and a significant lifespan.

New technologies include salt water systems that reduce the usual chlorine smell, pool heaters that draw from the ambient temperature, and automatically retracting covers that can let you use your pool even during the coldest days of a San Antonio winter. Other recent advances include pool-cleaning robots and chemical monitoring units that add chemicals whenever your pool needs them. These new devices can add to the up-front cost of a new pool construction in San Antonio, but they also let you avoid the trouble of cleaning the pool yourself or hiring a company to do so for you.

Customized Backyards For Customized Designs

At Artisan Pool and Spa, we can do much more than add a pool to your backyard: we can reinvent it. Outdoor kitchens are a particularly popular addition to new pool construction in San Antonio, so much so that many choose to skip the pool entirely.

Outdoor kitchens are also just as customizable as pools. They can range from extra-large grills with cabinets on a small patio or deck to an open-air addition to your house complete with a refrigerator, a brick oven fireplace, and a sound system that lets everyone at a party hear the music.

If you’re ready to turn your San Antonio backyard into an oasis where you can get away from all your troubles, be sure to contact Artisan Pool and Spa. We offer all our customers a free initial quote and access to some of the best backyard designers in the business, so feel free to find out what we can do for you today.