When the weather heats up, people want to be outside. Winter is the pits; you stay inside and catch up on your network television shows as the days end early and the nights grow long. Maybe you work on an inside remolding project or two. But going out and doing something exciting is best left to the warmer spring and summertime.

Heating Up

Warmer weather brings BBQ’s and parties, and what better way to entertain your guests than by inviting them to a meal cooked in your outdoor kitchen? Outdoor kitchen designs are endless. You can go as simple as a covered area with a cooking surface and an island to work on, or go moderate by adding a small fridge and a bar for friends to sit at, or even go all the way by including a sink, flooring, and cabinets for storage. At Artisan Pool & Spa, we’ll look at your backyard and your entire landscape to find the right outdoor kitchen design for you.

Need a Reason?

If the nature lover in you is begging for a backyard eatery, consider some of the reasons why you should take the plunge and go for it!

  • A Hang Out. People love to sit around the kitchen and talk. They often like to hang out by the grill, but standing in the sun can be too much. An outdoor kitchen brings the two worlds together by providing a shady and comfortable place to sit and talk. Best of all, you can still be a part of the conversation while you cook.
  • Easy Cooking. Face it, cooking can make a real mess in your kitchen and a Friday fish fry can fill your home with smells and smoke. With an outdoor kitchen, the smoke stays outside, keeping your home fresh. Plus, you’ll save on energy costs because you won’t need to run the A/C to keep the house cool when you’re not in it.
  • An Extra Room. Technically, an outdoor kitchen adds space to your home and gives you an extra room. Even if you aren’t cooking and just want a quiet place to relax outdoors when the inside gets too crazy, you have a place to go. It adds resale value to your home, too.

Nature has never been closer than when you cook outdoors over an open flame. Let us help you with an outdoor kitchen design that will give you everything you ever wanted in a backyard BBQ and so much more. We create high-end products that meet your every need. Our designs are top notch and our customer service is part of our pride. Fun, functional, and filled with beauty, once you start cooking outdoors, you might never go back inside.