There are lots of different outdoor water features for your backyard swimming pool. From different types of waterfalls, to deck jets and sheer descents, outdoor water features can do a lot to improve and enhance the look of your backyard oasis. Today’s water features for pools are amazingly fun, functional, and fantastic.

Fantasizing About Features

If you have been wavering and are unsure about going beyond a basic pool design, there are more benefits for upgrading than you might think.

Better Breathing

  • Did you know that water features can purify the air you breathe? They can generate negative ions in the environment that refresh the air, which is beneficial when you think about all of the unhealthy pollutants floating around these days.

The Sound of Peace

  • The number one reason why most people add water features to their pools is for the sound of it. As the water cascades from a fountain or a waterfall, the sound provides a tranquil, peaceful way to elevate your mood and relax your body. Moving water has been known to heal and calm the mind for centuries.

Looks Are Important

  • There is no doubt that the visual aspect of a water feature can be breathtaking. A cascade or a grotto can be like a piece of artwork for your landscape. By just sitting and watching the beauty of the moving water, you’ll find peace and tranquility.

Easy Care

  • All of the sights and sounds that the water features provide will cost you very little when it comes to maintaining them. As the water flows freely and recirculates, you’ll find that they stay relatively clean and free from bacteria.


  • Artisan Pool & Spa can design and install any kind of feature you like. We look at the whole picture of your backyard to determine what type of outdoor water feature would fit in. From natural rock waterfalls to swim under and around, or a sheer descent built into a stone wall, we can do it.

When you decide to have outdoor water features installed with your pool, you’ll reap the benefits for years to come. We’ll come up with designs that will have you relaxing one minute and playing the next. We know that your home is your investment and your backyard and swimming pool are a part of that. We produce a high-end product that ensures your complete satisfaction and we take pride in our work so that you can take pride in your home.