San Antonio Pool Remodeling

San Antonio Pool Remodeling
While many pool owners across the northern regions of the country are beginning to close up their pools for the summer, families in San Antonio and other cities in Texas are still able to fully enjoy all of the backyard activities that a pool has to offer! This is because San Antonio still produces temperature highs at around 90º F within the month of September, and will continue to have beautiful weather until the end of the year. However, certain families might not be able to take advantage of the warm weather due to an old or neglected pool and backyard area. Are you one of these families? If that’s case, have you ever considered hiring a San Antonio pool remodeling company to take care of this problem?

Pool and backyard remodeling can seem like a major undertaking, especially if significant work needs to be done to your pool. With that being said, think about all of the benefits provided with having a modern and state of the art pool in your backyard. No matter what the state of your backyard is, our expert designers at Artisan Pool & Spa can turn any neglected area into a modern masterpiece that’s more beautiful and functional than ever. Let us explain why hiring our San Antonio pool remodeling team is a must if you’re considering a complete transformation of your backyard!

Do I Really Need To Renovate?

Artisan Pool & Spa has extensive experience performing pool remodeling; especially on pools made of gunite (concrete). On average, gunite pools need to be re-plastered about every 15-20 years. Failure to do so can open the door to dangerous structural damage that can become extremely costly. This is because holes that are formed in the gunite or cracks in the coping can lead to major leaks that become more difficult to repair over time. These major leaks can become an incredibly serious issue, and can be easily prevented if you consider hiring our San Antonio pool remodeling company.

Other benefits with pool/backyard remodeling include state of the art safety measures such as entrapment-proof main drains, as well as higher-end building materials, water features (waterfalls, fountains, spas), and the addition of an outdoor kitchen.

Our Design Process

In order to make your San Antonio pool remodeling project a success, we have developed a design process that makes us stand out from the rest. We don’t just consider your pool with our design process, we look at the entire vision for your backyard; including landscaping to a pool house or outdoor kitchen. Using in-house designers, we provide clients with the outdoor living environment of their dreams.

As mentioned before, a pool renovation is a serious investment. Because of this, you deserve the backyard of your dreams; down to the littlest detail. With this in mind, our San Antonio pool remodeling team uses Pool Studio, which allows you to imagine every characteristic of your yard; from the look and feel of your hardscape material to the color of gunite with water in the pool.

Top Of The Line Pool Equipment

On top of our unique design process, Artisan Pool & Spa uses the best pool equipment in the business in order to complete your San Antonio pool remodeling project. Hayward has been serving pool owners for over 80 years by manufacturing cutting edge, technologically advanced pool equipment worldwide. Hayward products include pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners, sanitizers and lighting products. Our clients have always been amazed at the durability and sturdiness of Hayward products.

Contact Artisan Pool & Spa Today!

Designing the custom pool and spa of your dreams is a major, yet worthwhile investment. It is supposed to exemplify who you are and how you like to live. At Artisan Pool & Spa, we understand this statement and have been fulfilling client’s dreams since 2002. Get in touch with us today, get a quote, and let us discuss the several options available to you and your family. Look no further than Artisan Pool & Spa for your San Antonio pool remodeling project.