Nothing says summer fun more than a trip to the beach, lake, or pool. Time to pack up your gear, gas up the car, and head out to the closest swimming destination. Don’t forget your sunscreen, swimsuit, snacks, plenty of water for hydration, and your beach towel. Maybe you’ll want to read a book or listen to music, too. Seems like a lot of stuff to tote around for a day at the beach.

The Homestead

If only you could enjoy the benefits of relaxing by the waterside without having to put so much effort into it! We’ll let you in on a little secret: you can. Why bother going out when you can stay home and enjoy your own in ground swimming pool? Forgot your drink, your towel, or your sunscreen? No problem; just run back into the house and get them! Think of an in ground swimming pool as your own private oasis and a place to enjoy the summer without having to deal with a lot of people you don’t know at a place that costs a lot of money.

Bountiful Benefits

There are more benefits of owning an in ground swimming pool than you might think. A few reasons why you should consider having one installed include:

  • Fitness. Swimming is one of the most low-impact, high-calorie burning exercises you can do. Your whole family will shape up and slim down by the end of the summer.
  • Stress releaser. Not only does the sound of the water put your senses at ease, just floating on a raft or your back will help carry your cares to another place.
  • Sleep inducer. Working and playing a pool for several hours a day is a great way to tire out the kids and get them to bed earlier. It will help you sleep better, too.
  • Togetherness. Not only will you and your kids get to spend time together, you can invite friends, extended family, or even people from your church to fellowship and have fun.
  • Home builder. If you have a rambunctious tween or a busy teen, an in ground swimming pool is a great way to get them to spend more time at home. Invite their friends over and watch them grow.
  • Increased value. Your property value will increase when you install a pool; as much as 5% upon resale. It’s a fun investment you can use now and appreciate in the future.

At Artisan Pool & Spa, we are committed to quality customer service with each step of the pool process. We’ll take your in ground swimming pool dreams and designs and customize them to create a place that is completely functional and exceptionally beautiful. The transformation of your backyard will be amazing and the benefits of having your own pool will be endless. Forget all the packing and get right to the summer fun!