When you begin designing your custom Texan swimming pool, there are several things you will need to consider. From the shape of the inground pool to a lovely rock feature, you have a large range of design elements you will certainly have your eye on. However, the one thing you cannot overlook is pool safety!

1. Non-slippery surface texture – What does the surface texture of your pool’s perimeter have to do with safety? With you and family members frequently going in and out of the pool, the whole area is going to get real slippery. While there isn’t much you can do about the amount of water that gets around the perimeter, you can reduce the amount of slippage by choosing a surface with texture that will add a little more grip for your feet.

2. The right depth – It is recommended that your inground pool should have a variety of depths, however having your pool go too deep, too shallow, or have a depth that changes too quickly could be a serious problem. Make sure that your pool changes depths gradually, but also think carefully about just how deep you need your pool to be. Additionally, marking the depth around the pool’s perimeter can also help to improve the safety of your pool.

3. A couple of ladders – Ladders should not be hard to find in your swimming pool. Multiple ladders in spots around the pool will allow swimmers to get out of the pool more easily. Even if you are confident in your abilities, all it takes is a bad cramp or fatigue to put you in a dangerous spot. Additionally, having a set of easy to climb stairs in the shallow end of your pool is a good way to ensure children and even pets can get out of the pool without assistance.

4. Light it up – Lighting is not only a great way to add some ambiance to your pool experience, but it can help improve the safety of those nighttime dips in the inground pool. The better your swimmers can see in the dark, the better they will be able to practice safe swimming and be able to get out of the pool safely as well.

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