While you may feel like adding a ‘heated’ feature to your in-ground swimming pool may seem like overkill, there are several advantages to a heated pool that an average one simply cannot provide.

1. Swimming All Year Round

While Texas is often more hot than cold, it still has plenty of chilly days and nights that can make a dip in the pool uncomfortable. With a heated pool, there is nothing stopping you from taking a quick dive into the nice warm water. In fact, the ‘heated’ feature will allow you to really get the most out of your investment no matter what the temperature is outside.

2. Better For The Body

Generally, warm water is much healthier for the body to exercise in than cold. This allows you to get a lot more out of your daily laps in the pool and decreases the chance of injuring yourself during practice. Additionally, warm water is great for easing aches, reducing stiffness in the muscles and joints, and can even improve the rate of recovery of certain injuries.

3. Even Better For The Mind

While a nice dip in a heated pool can do wonders for the body, it can do great things for the mind too. Hopping into the warm water after a long day can allow you to calm down and let the stresses of the day just melt away. Additionally, lying in a swimming pool full of warm water for even just 10 minutes every night before bed has proven to help you fall asleep quicker and enjoy a better quality of sleep so you will have the energy needed to face each day.

4. Great For Young Children And Older Adults

Despite the large age difference, young children and older adults have a lot in common including how easily they get cold. Besides being uncomfortable, the cold can cause them to fall ill which is the last thing anyone wants. Thankfully, a heated in-ground swimming pool will allow them to safely enjoy the pool just as much as everyone else instead of having to sit it out on the sidelines.