As we travel halfway through the pool season, you might be wondering about your swimming pool. You moved in to this house several years ago and at the time, the pool was one of the reasons you decided to buy it. Now, though you love your pool and all of the benefits it brings, you feel like something is not-quite-right.

You certainly don’t want to tear it out and build a new one, so how about doing a little pool remodeling? If you are thinking about doing something new with your pool, consider these 5 reasons why you should.

5) You want to have it your way

Your pool was probably built and designed by the former owners of your home. You might have even found yourself thinking about what you would have done if you were the one who built it. The good news is, you can have what you want by working with a pool company that specializes in pool remodeling and design.

4) Your landscaping has changed

Your backyard might have changed over the years, from the landscape to the gardens. Your pool might actually bring down the aesthetics of your yard if it’s an old concrete number that’s chipped and cracked. And if you have taken the time to make some landscaping changes to create a park-like setting, you might find that the pool just doesn’t fit in.

3) You’d like a place that invites guests

Ever wonder why friends and family don’t flock to your pool to hang out when you send an invite? If the pool is old and shabby, it might actually look dirty, even when it’s not. Maybe your pool ladders are broken and hanging, maybe the walkways are cracked, or maybe you need a better entryway. Pool remodeling is the best way to encourage the fun.

2) You lack the proper safety features

Private pool rules and regulations might have changed since your pool was built and you might need an upgrade to keep it in line with the local codes. Or maybe the neighborhood has changed and you want to take extra precautions. From fencing, to alarms, to lighting, be sure your pool is safe.

1) You want to save money

Your pool might need a serious upgrade when it comes to the latest and greatest energy saving features. From the pump, to the filtration system, to the heater, there are many ways to update your pool that can actually save you money on your energy bills. Plus, if you’re looking for an opportunity to ease up on the environment, your backyard pool is one place to start.

Make your pool a place where everybody wants to be, including you.