One of the biggest reasons why homeowners have in-ground pools installed is to create a one of a kind party destination that everyone can enjoy. However, not everyone enjoys large parties or social gatherings. Some homeowners would prefer to have a nice cozy evening with just a few close family members or friends.

Here are just a few in-ground pool features that you will want to have for your small gatherings:

Small Patio

You can design a patio to be any size you need it to be as long as it can fit nicely into your backyard. With a large patio you will have plenty of room for furniture and a large gathering of friends and family. However, for those who prefer small gatherings, a small patio is all you need for an intimate gathering. With a nice gazebo roof and a couple of hammocks, you can easily enjoy a comfortable evening with a few family members and friends.

Fire Pit

There is nothing that makes an evening more ‘cozy’ than a roaring fire on a chilly night. Roast a few marshmallows with the kids, share great campfire stories with friends, or have a romantic evening with your partner. Fire pits come in a large variety of options including a large steel bowl, an outdoor brick fireplace or even a barbecue pit with a grill top. No matter what kind of intimate evening you are preparing for, a fire pit can make a wonderful addition to your cozy night.

Spa Or Hot Tub

As you can already imagine, a spa is much more intimate than a large swimming pool. This makes it a wonderful way to relax in comfort with close family and friends. Additionally, a hot tub can also make for a great evening and is harder for your guests to fall asleep in. No matter which one you prefer, a spa or hot tub is cozy whether you have friends and family over or just want to enjoy a nice soak on your own.

In-Pool Seating

With your own custom built in-ground pool, you can choose any shape or design you like as long as it fits nicely into your backyard. Additionally, you can choose to add a comfortable recreational area where you and a few of your family members and friends can sit half-immersed within the water without being in the way of any swimmers.