Outdoor Kitchens

Nothing can make your backyard feel like an extension of your home than an outdoor kitchen. Many people have grills in their backyard – but extending the outdoor environment to include a full-scale kitchen where you can entertain family and friends while you cook take the backyard to the next level.

Outdoor Kitchen Options:

Your outdoor kitchen can be scaled back to simply include a built-in grill with a small counter next to it, or scaled up to include a full bar, refrigerator, and perhaps even a dining room table depending on your preferences. In the Texas Hill Country, it’s warm enough most of the year that you want to enjoy the outdoors! Not just to swim, but to enjoy delicious meals as well.

Design Process:

During the design process, we don’t just consider the pool or spa. We look at the entire vision for your backyard – everything from the hardscape and landscaping to a pool house or outdoor kitchen. Using in-house designers, we provide clients with the outdoor living environment of their dreams. Using Pool Studio 3-D Graphic Design Services, we ensure you can visualize every aspect of your backyard prior to ever starting the build process. A pool or spa is a major investment – one that you should feel absolutely sure that every detail is to your liking. Pool Studio allows you to imagine every characteristic from the look and feel of the hardscape material surrounding your spa, to the exact height of the bench or placement of the jets.

Commitment to Excellence:

At Artisan Pool & Spa, we are committed to excellent customer service, ethical business practices, and producing a high-end product that you and your family will be proud of. We stand behind our final product 100%, and promise to provide the highest quality craftsmanship, timely delivery and customer satisfaction that is second to absolutely no one. Our professional staff pledges to listen closely to your needs and make their top priority ensuring your complete satisfaction at the end of any job.

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