If you aren’t quite sure what a pergola is, you’re not alone. Pergolas are free-standing structures that are often used in the backyard to give partial shade while allowing free air circulation. They typically don’t have complete roofs, but rather an open lattice design that gives relief from direct sunlight. A pergola is not only a functional addition to your home, but gives you a gorgeous addition to your landscape. Though we are a pool construction company, we can build the perfect pergola for you.

Where To Put It

A pergola can create an outdoor room with an open and airy feel, which is why many people have them constructed over their outdoor kitchen area. This way you can enjoy the sun and fresh air while you cook, and eat, in the elements.

If you have an outdoor hot tub, a pergola is ideal way to provide privacy. Drapery can be hung and closed when you enjoy the hot tub, or opened to enjoy the breeze. You can also add a few hooks to the beams where you can hang your robe.

Patios are the most common areas for a pergola. You can place your furniture underneath and enjoy sitting outside with less exposure to the sun than an open deck. Some people choose to let vines grow and cover the top of the structure to provide even more shade with the look of fabulous flora.

Customized Designs

The design of a pergola is up to you. From square to U-shaped, and anything you can dream up, he design is really based on what you need and where you need it. And if you want to have a full roof, that option is available as well.

Many pool construction companies use wood, typically a treated lumber, or vinyl. Artisan Pool & Spa gives you the option of wood, brick, stone, or other materials that make your pergola different from the rest.
The Build

If you think that a pergola would be the perfect addition to your yard and home, we’ll look at the entire vision of your backyard and make it happen. While we have an excellent reputation as a pool construction company, our reputation extends to pergolas, too. We can find a design and style that works perfectly with your landscape, enhancing what you have, or creating something new. When you think that your yard needs something extra, that one missing piece, a pergola might be the answer.