Not every backyard can really hold a huge Olympic-sized swimming pool. In fact, some lots do not even have room for the standard swimming pool, which is around a dozen feet wide and a few dozen long. Whether the area is just smaller than normal or that the house is placed unusually far into the backyard, there are a lot of reasons why the standard inground swimming pool may not easily fit into your property.

Don’t let your small or unusual yard keep you from the backyard oasis of your dreams!

Here at Artisan Pool & Spa, we are dedicated to helping you design the custom swimming pool that perfectly serves you and your family’s needs. Our high quality materials along with our pool builder’s commitment to excellent service will ensure that everything from the building process to the finished product are done with your safety and comfort in mind.

A Custom Job For Your Custom Lot

When it comes to pool lining, your choices include aggregate, fiberglass, plaster, and tile. If you are interested in fiberglass, you will be able to get it installed on-site or as a premade shell, though the shells will be restricted when it comes to shape.

If you are hoping for a pool to do laps in, then you might want to consider a single-lane inground swimming pool that will allow you to get your exercise in without taking up extra space. Additionally, you could save even more space by installing a swim jet at one end that allows you to swim in place.

Less Space, Less Trouble

Having a small lot is not the only reason why someone might want a smaller sized pool. As wonderful as having a large inground swimming pool is, the maintenance of it can be a lot of trouble. However, less space in the pool means less trouble you will have cleaning it and less time that will have to be spent doing so. This makes a smaller swimming pool perfect for those who want the benefits of a nice dip in the pool, but simply don’t have the energy to take care of a full sized pool.

Additionally, less space in your pool will also mean less chemicals you will have to use and less money that will have to be spent on water and energy bills and cleaning supplies.